Sarenite Law

Due to Saren’s size, the Imperial government has been deemed too large and complex for the governance of the God Emperor, who must devote his time and efforts to dozens of questions, policies, appeals, and other ceremonies.

The Emperor has composed the Council of State, which is made up of councilors that oversee jurisdictions within the counties of the Sarenite nation.

Members of the Council of State:
Methodius Werman – Spiritual Leader
Ignatius Unger – Lord Magi and Counselor to Matters of Magic
Lazarus Kettering – Chancellor
Rolf Siegfried – Military Advisor
Janus Streiss – Chancellor to Imperial Treasury
Helga von Brahm – Supreme Law Lord

Each member of the Council controls a large bureaucracy who helps administer the affairs of the state. Such is the importance of their position within the Government that the common people will probably never see these members in person except maybe indirectly in official or ceremonial events.

The Government of Saren is built upon a Provincial Government, meaning the counties of Saren are semi-autonomous states, lead by Elector Counts, which many years ago, were city states, on the brink of war. To diffuse the infighting, the God Emperor divided each county, and made Elector Counts serve terms of one decade, with elections cast via ballot, by land owners. There is a stipulation that those who have criminal backgrounds may not vote.

There has been an ongoing amount of push back from Redania, whose elder races are not supporting the weak Elector Count – Othos Ulvani, a high elf that has been ruling for decades over Redania.

Sarenite Law

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