Salun, is known as the father, and mother to life itself.

A celestial being, Salun created a plane of existence that embodied both life and death.

The races Salun created lived in harmony for millenia, until Salun sculpted and gave creation to men, and other races – Salun had hoped that these races, such as orcs, men, and those with a shorter lifespan could appreciate life more, to see that life itself could be treasured for what it was – a gift.

Salun had visited the plane of life frequently as it developed, appearing as an androgynous man or woman, who often wore only a loose silk robe.

The elder races of elves, fae, and dwarves often sculpted their civilizations with art and designs that featured the dual sided nature of their existences.

The symbol that represented Salun himself was a scale, representing balance. Salun guided his creations to not build temples, or idols in his name, however most races obliged, there are some hidden temples that were built to Salun, many acted as shelters as well in regions that had extreme climates.

As time passed, and the newer races adjusted to life on Salun, men in particular held their god in contempt. They felt that Salun had damned them an existence of constant struggle, as their populations constantly fluctuated because of their short lifespans.

In the 14th Cycle of life (14,000 years) – Specifically 14.381, Owain the Scribe – one of the oldest living beings, a half-dragon, who happened to be also the world’s timekeeper, recognized the event of Salun’s death.

King Jarmun of Tho-Siggot begged Salun to come and heed their prayers. The citizens of Tho-Siggot were all human. They lived in the Plains of Saindoron, where they struggled against hill giants, and the barbarian tribes that lived alongside them. It took King Jarmun’s ancestors centuries before building their crude city in the middle of the plains, and Jarmun’s great grandfather Ondas, was the first of his bloodline who felt as if mankind itself was damned because of Salun’s belief that they should value life through death.

Tho-Siggot, and Jarmun’s prayers were heard. Salun appeared mysteriously among his creations, with no notice, asides from finding his way towards a group’s leader, where he presented himself, and often blessed many citizens on his way.

Tho-Siggot bursted with life upon his arrival, many inns, and long houses threw feasts in the name of Salun, and on the second day, he finally approached the hall of Jarmun, and presented himself to the old king.

Jarmun, and his hall fell to their knees in Salun’s presence, many fell into weeping, as few men had actually seen the creator’s actual presence.

He asked Jarmun to stand, and spoke. Salun’s voice boomed through the hall, and many felt a calm overpowering presence, and stared in awe hearing their creator speak.

“I come to you not to answer your prayers, but to make you see that you are not damned. There is no pain in death, only the chance to live once again, among your brothers, both young and old. You all view death as damnation, as if I have cursed you all. You are no different than those I made before you, I merely wish you understand my love for you is no less than those that came in times before, and that my blessings for you are neverending.”

Jarmun never sat up, he continued to weep. He took off his crown, and clenched his spear, which he plunged twice into Salun’s unguarded breast.

The sound of such agony had never existed on the plane of life before.

Salun’s chest poured blood from his two mortal wounds, the blood was dark, and tainted. Within Salun, he guarded chaos, evil and goodness, where he wanted his creations to live without knowing true good, and true evil, as it would upset the balance of life.

In those two wounds, the Void, and Abyss were born, and so were Celestial beings, and Demons that had flooded the plane of life with Salun’s death.

Salun’s death gave birth to Aren, and his brother Etele.

Aren presented himself before King Jarmun and his hall, and beckoned them to obey him.

“I am Aren – the son of Salun, his birthright and heir. In your actions, you have truly damned yourselves. As his son, and forgiver, I will protect you upon his death. Obey my word, and make it your law, and you shall forever be protected from the corruption you have unleashed upon the lands. From this day forth, the lands will be known as Saren, the plane of existence where life and death are one.”

Men had not known, but Aren appeared from his first wound, where he was the true evil that Salun had hid within himself, and made men fall under his command.

Aren’s word became stone – the large, benevolent, four-armed, horned being came to them acting as a guardian, when in fact he was a manipulator. Aren formed a private army of races made up of demons, half demons, men, and any warrior that pledged themselves to him, known as the Golden Hands, which acted both as an army, and inquisition.

From that day forth, followers of Salun acted in secret, forming secret societies, praying to their old god that something would change. It took years, but Karn Laren, of Myat vowed to slay Aren, and purge the plane of life of his existence.

In years passed, Aren spawned four children, who act as his generals – Reep, Irin, Dayne and Thresh.

They all command parts of the Golden Hands, that uphold Aren’s law, torturing and punishing followers of the dead god.


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