Wardens of Salun
A secretive group headed by Eldrin the Father, whose goal is to purge the world of the Golden Hands, and the demons that have made Saren their home.

Brothers of the Rose
The Brothers of the Rose are typically paladins, or priests, who vow neutrality, and after Salun’s death secretly worship him in hidden underground catacombs that were created due to the many deaths that the disease created. They are an organization based within St. Sulpice and Tarsis.

University of Magi
A University that trains, and teaches magic users to properly learn new spells, rather than through experimentation. The University also grants scripts of magic, which are basically passports that are required by most cities, and towns for magic users to use magic. Scripts can also be used in a court of law to grant a mage immunity who was acting in self defense, and can also be withdrawn based upon a magic user’s code of conduct.

Golden Hands
A private army of warriors and inquisitors who act under Aren’s command and his generals. They use torture to find followers of Salun, and have been known to burn villages to the ground in search of them.

The secret police of Aren – acting on behalf of not only the supreme ruler, the Koren also report findings of Wardens of Salun, or even groups worshipping Salun in secret.

Sons of Aren
Aren has a provisional, stalwart, obedient army of half-breed beastmen, spawns of his own seed, many made out of rape from maidens he keeps in his dungeons. Strange, staunch legged half-men walking on two legs, with hooves for feet, with heads of goats and bulls. Many of them wear shreds of chain mail, and beaten armor. Many carry crude weapons of bronze and stone. They are led by Gorgon the Black, a larger, formidable beast man who leads the group and keeps them in line.

Knights of Cintra
An order of warriors in Cintra knighted by the Lord-Regent. Donning the black armor gilded in silver, many Cintran knights are world renowned swordsmen, specifically wielding two-handed weapons in battle. A once noble order in the time of Karn the Eternal, the higher ranking knights of Cintra are often very political, and will have arranged marriages in order to gain more status.

Cannoneers of Reikland
Reikland itself is renowned for its creation of gunpowder weapons, and has become a prosperous nation because of it. One of the most powerful armies within the city states, Reikland has made use of its technology, and implemented steam and coal factories which have made most of the nation industrialized. The cannoneers within Reikland are famous to be on the sidelines of wars between city states, where they can often times claim a victory on their own.

The Sparrows
A large, renowned group of mercenaries, specializing in up-close, brutal combat. Many of their warriors wield two weapons. Men of the sparrows will work on a contract basis. Many former soldiers, and former knights apply to get into the company, but very few make it in due to the rigorous training and requirements for hire. Those that do make it in gain higher stipends for working the sparrows.

The Troll Slayers of Redania
Once started as a patrol within Troll Country, the Troll Slayers have gained a mythos, where a majority were once dwarven berserkers, who now account for a large portion of the actual group. Many Troll Slayers are veteran dwarven warriors – their myth came from the mohawks, and tattoos they adorned. The rumor began with their bright orange mohawks, and beards, which all started with the rumor they dyed their hair and beards with troll blood. Whether or not it is true, or false, you’d have to ask a troll slayer – and even then, they’d probably tell you it was true.

The Silver Knights of Aedirn
The main force behind the Armies of Aedirn, these knights are believed to be vampires (But that’s just a peasant folktale… I mean how can an entire army of knights be vampires?). In fact, they are merely very skilled swordsmen, who wear the dark black and silver regalia of Aedirn. A few of them might be vampires, but who wants to fight a vampire knight?

The Cabal
An organization of assassins, rumored to have a headquarters in Cutter’s Neck and Essen, the Cabal makes use of poisons, drugs, and illegal, prototype weaponry. Many of it’s members are reformed criminals. Members of the Cabal have a tattoo that covers their face as part of being accepted. They are employed for many political assassinations, as a part of initiation is cutting ties with life – including friends and family. Virtually every member of the Cabal has no true existence asides from assassination. Making a deal with the Cabal is just as dangerous as encountering a member of the Cabal.

The Oathkeepers of Solamnus
An ancient group of men, who swore an oath to Solamnus. Skilled warriors, clad in dark colors, in order to be considered to the Oathkeepers – a member’s initiation is both secretive, and ritualistic.

The Salamanders
A group of warriors that hunt down mages, in order with a strange, primitive form of thinking developed by some of the elder races that magic, was unpure. This practice was put to purpose, but surprisingly – Redania. This group of zealous warriors is made up of elder races: elves, dwarves, and gnomes. They are called the salamanders, for their use of fire against the magi. They now are an organization, though small in number, with headquarters in every provincial capital to “reinforce” checking of scripts, many of them will manipulate the law to execute mages that are caught practicing magic in public places.

The Sacred Exorcists of Karn
A now but small sect of priests and priestesses, mostly made up of the remaining elder members, all of which became Wardens, and work as both Wardens, and Exorcists, cleansing the land of demonic happenings. They are often hired in secret, even by nobles of the Arenite religion.


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