A list of all cities, towns, villages, dungeons, and ruins in Saren.

Locations are described in sections, each being a City-State and it’s various locations.

The Citadel of Aren
Known as the Citadel, it is less of a citadel, and more of a large city, with a pair enormous towers, landmarks that have been built in the name of Aren. On the border of Maribor, The Citadel is an independent, papal sovereign nation, and remains neutral in times of war among city states. The Citadel is well known for the mix of abyssal and infernal beings among its population. The Golden Hands are the Citadel’s official army in case the city is threatened.

Gold Fort
After seventy years, prior to Heinrich’s father, his forebears petitioned the creation of the Gold Fort, which just recently has been finished. The fort has a wall that runs along the edge of the World’s End Mountains on Reikland’s borders.
Side note: The fort is not actually made of gold… Heinrich’s father fancied gold quite a bit. He was a greedy man!

St. Sulpice
An enormous port-city on the peninsula in the City-State of Maribor, St. Sulpice is renowned for its varied population, as well as it’s warrior-cleric army – the Brothers of the Rose.
St. Sulpice is not run by a baron, duke, or member of nobility, rather it is governed by the Bank of Surrey, which controls the various merchant lords that rule the city.

The Capital of Maribor, Pagua was a small city, which has now flourished after the completion of the world’s largest wonder, the Cathedral of Aren – which was commissioned by the merchants of St. Sulpice. The Cathedral itself is as wide as a small fortress, and nearly 1,200 feet tall (The size of the empire state building).
The Cathedral, known as the the Basilica of Aren, and has become a place of pilgrimage from his followers even as far as Redania.

A small city near the border of Maribor, Axdorf is the primary hold of Maribor’s military force. A very strict, and highly supervised city, magic is outlawed, and crimes are severely punished. The Viscount of Axdorf, Sven Hochman is a plump, obese man, who allows the general to oversee much of the rule of Axdorf, which is the reason why much of the city is run like a military base rather than a city. Much of the buildings are flushed the same color, and many of the windows are barred. A curfew is strictly enforced by the reigning general – Theoderic Dachs.

A small mining town, Foxwalk’s primary resource is gold, platinum and silver. The many mines in the town have brought various criminals and thieves in the town, where a poorly armed militia patrols the streets. Foxwalk is high in the hills of the Saindoron Plains. It’s Mayor – Leopold Gausser is a pox marked, brackish man who has made too many deals with bandits and thieves, and has degraded the town’s appearance, causing many travelers to skip a night’s stay in the town’s inn.

A town used primarily as a prison, where the prisoners work on a salt mine, providing much of the salt for the nearby towns. Once a prosperous, small town, it has been burned, and razed, along with the prison, in search of three imprisoned followers of Salun who have escaped.

Gibber Peak
A once dwarven keep, Gibber Peak was ruled by a great dwarven tactician – Emil Reis, who perished in the sacking of the keep when it was attacked by the Golden Hands. Emil gave Karn the Eternal half his army of dwarven warriors to aid in his cause, and left the keep with poor defenses, and after the keep has been constantly taken over by orcs, and brigands.

A small dwarven village, that was at the base of Gibber Peak, the village was destroyed three decades ago in a raid, where the village was burned, and razed to the ground. It’s single survivor, the former sheriff of the town Reg – now lives in his destroyed home living off the wilderness.

The capital of the city state of Cintra, Erusmea is a prosperous city led by Lord Regent Cinnard, where many races have made Erusmea their home. With a growing middle class, Cintra has benefitted by allowing any race to openly live in the city walls, and this has increased both trade, and the wealth of the city. With one of the lowest unemployment rates in all of Saren, Erusmea also benefits from the use of steam-powered factories that have industrialized most of the city.

A small fiefdom outside of Erusmea, Ridgemore has had a long history of being known as a highway town, where many merchants stop before heading into Erusmea. The highway town has a few farms, however much of it’s economy is based off of coming and going merchants and traders that stop at the small highway town.

A small halfling hamlet, Cresthollow is a lively small community of both gnomes and halflings.

Essen’s economy is primarily made up of illegal trafficking of drugs. A seedy city on the outskirts of the Cintran territories, many criminals, and gangs can be found in the city, where the true leader of the city is the Drake, a dwarven criminal overseer that is also the city’s Viscount.

A village that once assisted a vampire-wizard, and eventually forced him into a nearby crypt. Primarily a farming village, Lothering makes most of its income from crop sales. The village itself is rather isolated on the prairie, and is poorly protected from any incoming threats. Currently it is under the protection of a small detachment of Maribor Infantry, as it has been put to flames by villagers, after many of the cult of Elizar were slain.

A rather prosperous town outside of the University of Magi, Andor is well-defended, and supplied, and has been under the watchful eye of Pagua as it is close the threat of bandits, and outsiders from the nearby Iron Knolls.

A large town saddled at the entrance to Moon Wood, the ruins of a wood elf city lead many treasure hunters out to Nitram in hopes of finding the secret ruins and looting it of its treasure. Nitram’s populace are the remnants of the wood elf population, some of which still live in the large forest in clusters. The three other largest populations of Nitram are humans, half-elves, and demons. Dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and half-orcs are few in number.

The undercity below Tho-Siggot, built on elven temples from the past, the inhabitants now live off the dead lake, which is filled with mutated creatures from the taint of the city, all of which are abyssal. Shrike also houses temples for each of Aren’s children.


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