Filgo Underleaf - Cintra

Head of the house of Underleaves in Cresthollow


Filgo was the Mayor of Cresthollow the past several decades, but there is belief that Wobblecob had usurped his office through bribery.

A prime achievement for Cresthollow as a whole, Filgo had a law implemented that halflings and gnomes can serve within the Cintran army, and that they may also be granted the ability for knighthood (although there are less than a handful of Cintran knights who are actually gnomes and halflings) – Filgo’s daughter Leila is in fact one of the few from Cresthollow who is on her way to attaining knighthood within the Cintran army.

Filgo is quite venerable (96 years old).

Filgo Underleaf - Cintra

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