A Harrowing Saga


Facing Sekolah in his domain

The small band of wardens had swam, with Orden shifting into an octopus to hurry their way into a forgotten acquatic elf, and sahuagin city now in ruins, searching for a way to reach the surface of the sea. They assaulted the remnants of the city, which were sahuagin that worshiped Sekolah, an ancient devil shark, the patron of sahuagin society. Instead of searching for a way out, the wardens went deeper in.

They ravaged the small barracks, and set off an alarm, and unbeknownst to the heroes, was an alarm for the nearby settlement of sahuagin to come to their aid to protect the temple. Not waiting, the wardens pushed forward, ransacking the quarters of Sekolah’s priestesses, finding the head priestess was in the small temple, sacrificing herself to become a host for the aspect of Sekolah.

With blood, and butchering left in their wake, the wardens found the head priestess, who soon turned into a massive, bloated, slug-like colossal shark, covered with many tentacles, and tendrils above them, with nowhere left to turn, but to face an evil so ancient, death would stare them in the face.


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