Yokudan Religion

There are two primary religions in Yokuda, one is a mixture of ancestor worship and that of the Emperor, and another of spirit worship.

There is a difference, and sometimes spirit worshippers, known as Jinro, have tangled daemonic worship into what was once sacred after the death of Salun.

There are annual holidays for each season, whether for ancestor worship, known as Kogotama, or Jinro, however Jinro has more peculiar celebrations.

Ancestor worship can be done through prayer, or when the Emperor will visit every provincial capital yearly, and allow worshippers to seek his blessing in person.

Jinro is very built upon sacrificial ideologies, along with ritual. Those worshipping elder spirits will perform rituals as written in historic texts, where the daemonic Jinro followers will have dreams, or visions of what and how to appease the daemon that they have fallen to.

Yokudan Religion

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