Yokuda lies south of Saren, and is a land of the Tenzin, or the old Yokudans.

However, Yokuda itself is made up of a variety of races due to the continental drift. Prior to Salun having revealed himself to man, Yokuda was at one point connected to Saren.

There is still tales told by elder races that the eruption of the void and abyss had caused faults within the realm to break the landmass in two, separating Yokuda from Saren, and in turn causing natural evolution to take place.

Sarenite scholars argue that it was not Salun’s death that caused the separation, but rather a shift within the two moons of Saren, which slowly caused the fault lines to crack and over time, Yokuda drifted away.

The continent is very diverse relative to Saren, as to the north, in the Dreadlands – it is made up of crags and hard earth, and to the east, in the Dry Steppes are where nomadic tribes still fight against the wishes of the Yokudan emperor.

The Sharval Wilds are a lush forest, made up of spirit folk and other legendary creatures that make the mountains of Khanduras their home.
To the south in Aranoch, a small desert breaks before the peninsula of the Sarenite colony exists, and the holy Yokudan monastary is perched upon the peaks of Khanduras, where the Yokudan emperor and his wife, or concubines meet for a ritualistic fertility ceremony.

The middle of the Yokudan continent is surprisingly a harsh desert, where its natives, the Kehjistani are olive skinned, with thick hair, traveling on camels, or hardened horses traded from nomads of the Dry Steppes. To the far east of the Swamp Land, the natives thrive on what the lands bear them, and have built many large monuments and shrines, some of which are long forgotten within the overgrowth.

At the far south, of the Torajan, is jungles, making up dark skinned peoples, some of which live in canopy towns and villages, as the wild life in Torajan is vicious, with many poisonous snakes, and monsters making it their home.


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