From the board of contracts, the heroes found three contracts.

‘Lost Wizard’s Staff’, Bramwell’s local wizard, Kalan has explained that he has lost his staff, attacked while foraging for mushrooms to make poultices for locals. He was attacked – about a mile south of Bramwell, by a group of tengu near a pond.

He expresses that if whoever takes the contract, and finds the staff and finds his bag of mushrooms, that he will make them whatever magic item they wish, as long as it is within his means.

’Copsman’s Hunt’ the local Bramwell marshal has requested anyone with enough skill go to a cave near Duncraig, hidden in the hills, it will take some scouting to find. He mentions it is “hidden by waterfalls.” The Tasloi have been attacking his patrols, and caravans that come from Duncraig, or other regions and he wants it stopped. Payment is negotiable – will be higher if they can get the head of the Tasloi leader.

‘The Coward Koji’ – requested by the local gang leader Goro, Koji fled with money, and some treasure that Goro’s gang recently found in a raid. He’s holed up near Westmarch, or so he claims.
Update – adventurers found Koji, who had begun to go mad without any human contact. Apparently living off whatever he could scavenge, he expressed the last raid was on an old village that used to train ninja, and that the gang burned the village down and raped most of the locals while stealing whatever they could find. The village, outside Lo-Shao isn’t hard to find… Goro is waiting back in Bramwell, in a small warehouse outside the docks. Koji, admitted to taking part in the rape and murder of the village – was shot dead by the adventurers.


A Yuki-onnna, was playing a harp in a forest outside Westmarch. She wept, and the adventurers listened to her woes. Having been murdered many years ago during the descration of Westmarch, she ran to the woods, where she died from her wounds, but her spirit stayed behind. She said she could be freed if they found and murdered the Oni that killed her suitor, the son of an old retainer of Westmarch, who stayed behind to safeguard the settlement. She says that they will find a katana, and his family cloak somewhere in the retainer’s home. If they return it, she will reward them with her dowry, a blood stained magical sash.


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