A Harrowing Saga

Prologue: A Trek into Madness

Three adventurers: Cole, Halaster and Row, all of different backgrounds had various reasons for their journeys.

Cole, a half-dwarf that was created through genetic experimentation for hunting elder races in Saren was expunged of his service to the military, lost without a purpose. Working as a mercenary, he took a contract to serve as a body guard for the Sacred Exorcists that were to work in Sarenite colonies within Yokuda.

Halaster, a young sorcerer, a neophyte of the Sacred Exorcists journied with his mentor – Sid, as they were to exorcise a long destroyed Sarenite colony of demons, only to find that there was a larger conspiracy at stake.

Row, a pirate and sell sword took a contract as a guide for Sarenite colonists, unknown to him that their work would join them together.

Reaching the Sarenite colony of Westmarch not only exposed the complexity of the melded cultures of Yokuda and Saren, but the Emperor of Yokuda’s wrath.

Finding the old leader of the regiment that destroyed the Sarenite colony, Riyaki, had turned into an oni, or Yokudan devil – led the adventurers to mountains, one of which was an ancient pyramid, disguised as one of the peaks. Within this pyramid hid an ancient vampire necromancer, Shikan – who had stopped Riyaki from destroying all the Sarenite colonies.

She made an alliance with the heroes, in hopes that they can thwart the Emperor from engaging in a war that may not be stopped with Saren.

Taking a clump of Shikan’s hair, the heroes were teleported out of her crypt, only to find a small badger man tribe that aided them had been destroyed by Yokudan samurai….


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