Vlad 'The Vandal' Miroslav

Master Thief wanted in Aedirn and Cintra


Vlad ‘The Vandal’ Miroslav
XP: 154,560
Hit dice: 5d6+10 13d10+26 (121 HP)
Speed: 30ft (6 squares)
AC: 22 (Dex
5, Cloak of armor 4, Ring of protection +3) (Touch 18, Flat footed 22)
Base attack: +16/
Grapple: 18
Attacks: (main hand): The (
4 longsword) 19/14/7/4 (1d8+8/ 17×2)
(Off hand): Black Opal Pommel dagger (4 vampiric dagger) +19/14/7/4 (1d4+8/ 17×2)
Crossbow 18/13/6/3 (1d8+1d6 acid damage/ 17×3)
Space/reach: 5/5
Special attacks: Death attack (fort DC14), Fight with two weapons, Sneak attack 3d6,
Special qualities: Evasion, Favored enemy (human) +1, locate traps,
Poison use, Uncanny dodge,
Saves: Fort +13, Ref 15, Will +8
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 20, Con 15, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 13
Skills: Balance +14, Bluff +6, Climb +12, Decipher script +6, Diplomacy +5,
Disable device +5, Disguise +15, Escape artist +8, Forgery +6, Gather information +4,
Handle animal +6, Hide +13, Intimidate +6, Jump +12,
Knowledge (local, the north) +6, Listen +8, Move silently +13, Open lock +10,
Sleight of hand +13, Ride (horse) +11, Search +8, Sense motive +14, spot +8,
Swim +7, Tumble +13, Use magic device +9, Use rope +12, Wilderness lore +7,
Feats: Blind-fight, Combat reflexes, Dodge, Expertise,
Improved critical(longsword, dagger), Improved init,
Improved two weapon fighting, Mobility, Quick draw,
Spring attack, Weapon focus (longsword, dagger),
Weapon specialization (Dagger, longsword)
CR: 18
Alignment: LE
Height: 5’5”
Possessions: Cloak of armor +4, Ring of protection +3, Cloak of arachnida, Periapt of health, Mwk Thieves tools (disguised as a necklace)

Griffon’s Talon:
+4 Longsword
Communication is empathy.
Can see 120ft darkvision
Cha. and Wis. are 16, int. 10,
Ego: going off of fareunian handbook over artimes I’d say 28, but that wouldnt make that much sense for its power.

Greater Powers:
At will: Ash Wall: 5ft tall by 5ft wide by 1ft thick of floating thick ash. Grants wielder up to full concealment. However opponents can gain concealment as well but not from the wielder of the sword who can see through the ash wall.

At will: Darklight: Makes user invisible to those who are using darkvision to see wielder.

Festering wounds: Any enemy struck by the blade must make a fortitude DC 25 or contract Deathsong. Incubation 1 day minus a d8 to str,dex, and con every day until the disease is cured. BVD pg30

If the wielder fails a will test against the blades ego then suffers from Melting fury, minus a d4 to str., dex., and con., every round until the wielder can make an will save vs. its ego to let go of the sword.

Gauntlet of Energy absorbtion: Can absorb magical or psionic energy at a max rate of 30 pts of damage worth a round anything else thats left the user can then make the appropriate save vs. the remainding damage.
Also enables the the user to wield the blade w/o having to make ego tests.

+4 Vampiric dagger
As +4 dagger with the additional affects:

1 day Any creature (excluding constructs) struck with the dagger must make a fortitude save (DC 17) Or lose an additional 2d4 hit points, which are Immediately added to the
Wielders hit point total, Any Hit points above the wielders normal hit point
Total are considered “Temporary Hit points” All effects of this weapon on the wielder
Disappear after 1 hour.

THE ADDERACID CROSSBOW +2 Crossbow 1d6 Acid damage


Vlad 'The Vandal' Miroslav

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