King Jarmun Tho-Siggot (Deceased)

The God Slayer


The Tho-Siggot bloodline started with the first humans that were building towards making their place among the elder races. Originating in the Utlus Mountains, the clan of Tho-Siggot was a ragged group of barbarians struggling for resources.

As they went deeper in the plains, they made the open peninsula their home, where Jarmun’s ancestors developed the crude city made of limestone, pitch and mortar.

Jarmun was born with a half-brother, whom is his chancellor. Jarmun’s rule is less of an iron grip than his progenitors, where he has given leniency toward his citizens, hosting feasts, and creating a system of aqueducts and bath houses that have made the city more modern.

Jarmun fathered no children, heir Thalim, his nephew who abandoned the ruins of Tho-Siggot, and now holds his court in Pagua over the City State of Maribor.

Jarmun’s actions have tainted his legacy, where his own guard, and former citizens spit on his grave and name.

Called the God Slayer, Jarmun’s memory has all been forgotten except by followers of Aren.


King Jarmun Tho-Siggot (Deceased)

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