Karn the Eternal (Deceased)

Astral Deva who led an army against the Golden Hands


Karn himself is known as many names – The Eternal, The Unifier, The Just. An astral deva born from Salun’s death, coming from the Void, Karn had known Aren’s existence even before Salun had died while existing on the plane of Void.

Coming into the world of the elder races and men, Karn had lived for centuries in the void, constantly battling evil and chaos with his brothers and sisters.

Most astral devas stayed in the Void, where they brooded on how to fight their evil counterparts, but Karn emerged, and traveled the lands in search of men, and anyone who sought to get revenge on the dead god.

Karn’s army gathered men from the realm and from St. Sulpice, they ventured forth to Tho-Siggot, where they would meet the Golden Hands on the shores of the sea in a battle that would define life for many.

Karn the Eternal (Deceased)

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