Elizar the Brand


Elizar originally came to Lothering to build a laboratory, in order to assist the village with medicine, and healing. However, Elizar lied, and instead had manipulated the villagers, and used them so he could extort them for villagers in order to be able to feed freely.

Elizar was turned centuries ago, and was originally a young scholar from Aedirn. Upon the birth of Aren, many vampires and undead emerged within Aedirn, and Elizar’s lover at the time, his mentor, had become struck by vampirism. He turned Elizar in order to seek eternal love.

Elizar’s mentor and tutor was driven to madness due to his blood lust, and Elizar departed from him, manipulating anyone in the search for a cure. As Elizar aged, however he became more and more distant from humanity, and no longer cared about a cure for what he had become.

Finally making the crypt outside Lothering his home, Elizar’s fate changed, when one day the villagers and an unknown cleric of Salun trapped Elizar in his crypt, and forever changed his life until very recently.

Having been freed from his prison, Elizar now is in hiding, with his cultists close at hand, where he is now hunting the Pale Marches in Cintra, specifically travelers he can attack at night.


Elizar the Brand

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