A Harrowing Saga

Usual Suspects

The Exorcism of Iaren Duran

The Wardens were given a letter of urgency, requesting their aid in an exorcism of the Countess Duran’s plea from Rinde, derailing their plans to seek voyage to the sea elven city of Quelos’nira.

The Countess’ daughter, had been stricken with possession from a devil known as Ehrain, unknowingly the fault of her butler, Galen Medici, a necromancer of Slaanar, an elder evil from the Abyss.

Seeking to gain control over Rinde, Galen had preemptively summoned Ehrain to take hold over the Countess’ daughter as a ploy for priests, and exorcists to attempt getting rid of the powerful devil, and in turn, killing them on their way out of the town, and stealing them of any coffers for his own use.

The Wardens, with the knowledge of Bilgrum, prepared for the exorcism, where Ehrain was banished back to the Abyss. He prepped his fellow companions on what to expect at the town library.

Coming in contact with an ancient Arenite summoning relic, they still know not what it summons, but kept the idol anyway, however, instead using a Salunite talisman that once belonged to the town alchemist’s late wife.

With the devil banished, and the necromancer Galen magically imprisoned, Bilgrum struck the man’s foot with his khopesh, and made sure he could not flee (though he was also blind).

Hearing the cries of the townsfolk, the Wardens and Nash went downstairs after saving the Countess from nearly being murdered, they found a mob lead by the town Alderman, who sought vengeance for the plague that they felt the Countess’ family was to blame.

Armed with weapons, farm tools, and torches, the town wants a lynching, but they know little of how long Galen’s magic has been at work.


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