A Harrowing Saga

Tides of War

The Wardens succeeded in stopping Sekolah, and came to meet the Queen of Quelos’nira, where she granted them safe passage back to the surface, along with their thanks. They came to the small port of Quelos’nira, finding Vlad the Jack of All Trades waiting for them.

In the distance, they saw ships none had never seen. Bilgrum and Gavin concluded the ships were Yokudan. They were greeted by Hido Nakamura, second admiral of the Yokudan Empire.

The admiral informed the Wardens that he had tried communicating with Emperor Vilmos, and told the Wardens that the emissary his Shogun had sent was sent back dead, and in Yokuda, this was a sign of war.

They made it clear to the wardens they would be assaulting, and bombarding Calenhad, which was under siege by the Golden Hands.

Heading to Calenhad with the Yokudan admiral, the Wardens boarded an assault ship with ninja from the Yokudan army, that would accompany the Wardens to shore.
Orden, suggested instead of attacking the city, they help any survivors instead of attacking the Golden Hands. Gavin and Bilgrum agreed with Orden’s plan, and instead of storming the city, they climbed through a broken down wall.

Screams of city folk being slaughtered were heard as they headed to the port. At the city square, they saw the Yokudan ships blasting the portside of the city, while seeing the main gates of the city being flooded by Golden Hands.

The attack of the Golden Hands was unknown to the Wardens, and as they reached the port, they saw that the city guard were getting as many survivors on ships as they could, and told them that the Children of Aren were commanding the Golden Hands to take over Cintra, and unify the city states as one, where this new god “Salaren” was somehow going to be brought to life.

They were informed that many lost souls were heading to Saint Cinnard, where the ritual was taking place.

The Wardens headed there, and found a young knight, blindfolded, and wounded roadside, a Cintran Knight who agreed to come with them. He explained he had surrendered, and agreed to work with the Golden Hands. He lead the Wardens to Saint Cinnard, where flocks of men and women from all of Cintra, and other City States were flooding the gates. With pushing through the crowds, the capital was under too much stress of so many travelers. Crowds of people filled the streets, all curious, and wary of what was taking place. This rumor of a new god being birthed spawned many to come from the realm to come.

Upon reaching the city square, they noticed the Children of Aren, and a large arm of Golden Hands holding off the crowds. A makeshift wood podium stood, with an executioner sharpening an axe on a grindstone.

They saw a gaunt, and gagged Vilmos, bound to a chair behind the podium. The young knight brought them to the Children of Aren, who informed the Wardens they no longer needed the spear that killed Salun to bring back Salaren, the rebirth of Salun, and their father together, as one true god.

Vilmos was to be tried for his injustice and murder of his father, as custom in most City States, and with the Church of Aren having a higher political power than a City State, the Children of Aren saw it fit that Vilmos was to die by execution prior to Salaren’s birth.

With deliberation, the Wardens realized they could neither stop the birth of this new god, or the death of Vilmos, and stood in the center of a change that would shake the realm whole.

Yokuda is now encroaching upon Saren, a new god, Salaren is to be birthed.
With Cintra to be now taken over by the Golden Hands, and Maribor, the Church of Aren is unifying the City States by force.


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