A Harrowing Saga

The Web and the Journey to Install a True Ruler

Bringing revenge upon a Chancellor, and regaining a holdfast.

Heading to the Library of Time, and meeting with the Arch Meister Cuiffon, he explained to the Wardens the meaning of the Taint, and the cycle, and web of time. He explained to them the meaning of their endeavor, that regardless of the choice they would make that the taint would find itself in the hands of the children of Aren, no matter their choice.

They left the Library, and outside of the Library was a massive fist of Golden Hands, led by Vinard, who threatened the Wardens with arrest to bring the Taint to Cintra. They plane shifted to the Abyss, and found themselves in the Abyssal plane of the Peaks of Solus in Reikland. They found themselves in a cave, where a massive demonic drake, advised them he was the keeper of dead Drow souls, and they headed inward, to the domain, and city of Drow who worshipped Calinth, a succubus who had taken hold of their city.

Meeting with the captain of Calinth’s army, they met with the Succubus Queen of the Drow, who asked the Wardens to undertake something, to get revenge on her dead husband – to kill the Chancellor of Aedirn – a vampire who had him murdered to keep her from stopping Vampirism spread in the City-State. With hesitance, and driving Owain to rage, Orden was convinced by Bilgrum this would benefit them as Calinth would offer them her army of Drow to the Warden’s aid during a time of strife and war.

They learned an old Warden keep lay in waiting in Aedirn, most likely now occupied by undead, and went on a new journey to install Owain’s brother as the new leader of Aedirn, and destroy the undead plight that was ravaging the City-State.


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