A Harrowing Saga

The Pull of the Cycle

Leaving Shrike, and the Taint

The heroes awakened in Malcanther’s temple, where they met the succubus who explained to them they were the patrons of Shrike. Todd, an old friend guided them out of the city, where they saw demons and devils of all sorts cheering and shouting that they had gotten the taint.

Being advised they were granted leave by the Counsel of Shrike, Malcanther bestowed Bilgrum with a pendant of Shrike, which could teleport them all back to Shrike once in a time of need.

They exited Shrike, to a black cloud over Tho-Siggot, where they met a planetar angel who wanted them to give her the Taint.

She asked them to give her the Taint, and after arguing, she called upon the city an earthquake, where they fought her. Nearly killing Bilgrum, and taking control of Orden’s fire elementals, Taryn netherblasted her and made her explode into a cloud of golden blood.

The black cloud faded, and the taint on Tho-Siggot was cleansed. The heroes ventured south to Dagon’s Rock, where they found the Warden’s slaughtered horses. They saw the corpses of wardens and pit fiends lying in the snow of the fortress. Entering the chambers of the fortress, they found more dead wardens, and heard labored breathing down the hall.

There, slumped against the wall, with his intestines hanging out, Ariakas sat, clenching the Rituals of the Wardens – a tome that he fought to keep from being stolen.

He explained to them the true purpose of resurrecting Salaren, and bringing suffering to Saren, so that the Wardens may regroup, and destroy Salaren. By destroying the mortal god, they would put an end to having the abyss and void, and have a single plane of existence so that the cycle may continue as it had once begun.

Orden argued that Ariakas had lied to them – which he did, otherwise they would not join the Wardens. He asked if there was another way to destroy the Taint other than using it to bring suffering. Ariakas explained the place to start would be the Library of Time, though it was foretold that no matter where they go, the web, the cycle would go on, as they are but threads in the cycle that would keep weaving with – or without them.


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