A Harrowing Saga

The Deal

The Wardens have been established. Many consider them a mercenary company, or an independent military.

After assisting Loz with slaughtering the Sons of Aren, or beastmen as they are more commonly known, they found the fortress that was being used by the beastmen, formerly Loz’s fortress, assaulted, and set to flames.

Elector Count Leopold of Stormhold breached the fortress when he heard word that a band of mercenaries was fighting the beastmen, and took advantage of the timing and destroyed what was left of the beastman scourge.

Loz and the Warden heroes found the fortress was in ruin. Leopold took the remaining were-barbarian women who were left as captives, against Loz’s wishes.

The Wardens would travel with Leopold to St. Cinnard, where they were informed that the Emperor wanted to meet with them.

They would stay at the Crested Duck, where they met with Ariakas at the Hooked Scabbard, and find out the Cabal was going to attack them, as they were still being hunted.

Nash Meltzer of the Sparrows, a mercenary company requested that he set up a long term contract with the Wardens for the benefit of both organizations. He admitted he was formerly a Cabal member, but wanted the Cabal dead.

Meeting with Emperor Vilmos Cinnard, the Warden heroes and Nash negotiated they would assist Cintra in diplomatic relations with the sea elves, who were attacking Cintran trade ships.

Currently the heroes are waiting to hear from Ariakas about the coup to where Silas’ commanders are attempting to overthrow him.


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