A Harrowing Saga

The Darkness of Gibber Peak

After escaping from Cairnstead, the adventurers sought to make camp in the forest that they traveled to. They noticed a smoke in the distance, which they went to investigate.

Upon investigation, they found the camp of Sir Stephen, a Knight of Cintra who was making a fire in the abandoned ruins of the old Dwarven village Marikest.

In conversing with Stephen, they encountered the delusional, somewhat mad former sheriff of the town – Reginald ‘Reg’ who spoke to an “imaginary” friend who he called Donal.

Delving into conversation with Stephen and Reginald, the adventurers found out Sir Stephen was an errant knight of Cintra, sent to find an artifact from Gibber Peak.

Donal, was not imaginary. Reginald’s friend was the former watchman of Marikest, and now lived on as a ghost. Donal explained to the adventurers that the old Dwarven fort atop the mountainside was sacked in the days of Karn the Eternal, and was now inhabited by an Orc chief, and other creatures. He explained that the artifact Stephen was after was infact the shroud of Salun, the linen death cloth that covered Salun upon his death, a holy item. What reason the Lord-Regent had in trying to obtain the holy relic was unknown, but Donal asked the adventurers if they could recover his old axe, which was being used by one of Kurjan’s followers and to bury it so his spirit could rest.

The adventurers went along with Reginald and Stephen, where they scaled the mountainside, and made it to an underpass where they fought a yeti, and finally reached Gibber Peak.

The fort itself was in ruins. Getting inside, they finally realized that Kurjan, the orc chief was up to something much more sinister than just holding a fort, as they found holding cells filled with slaves. What else the fort had inside, they were yet to find out.


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