A Harrowing Saga

The Crypt of Elizar

Upon staking out Kyracolides, the adventurers and the Inquisitor ambushed the young blue dragon, and slew it, and found it’s hidden hoard.

The Inquisitor had been lost to a trap that threw him into a subterranean river that carried him far from the grasp of his companions.

Pushing through into the crypt, the adventurers encountered many dark spectres, and those that haunted the crypt.

Getting close to Elizar’s crypt – Orden the White, fell through a trap on a bridge, into a massive pit of hot tar that engulfed his companion Cyrind. In an effort to save his master’s life, Cyrind sacrificed his own so Orden could grasp the rope his companions threw down to him.

The Knight – Sir Stephen’s hands were torn raw and bloody by the time he was able to haul Orden back up the bridge.

Upon regaining their focus, the adventurers finally reached the tomb of Elizar, where he was trapped.

Finally opening the tomb, unbenownst to the adventurers – they set free Elizar. When they entered the room, Elizar distracted them just long enough so he could escape, by turning into a mist.

The adventurers chased after him, and determined that they had been in the crypt nearly an entire day searching for the vampire, before settling that they should split up and hunt the vampire each on their own…


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