A Harrowing Saga

The Blood Spilled for the Good of Many, over the Good of Few

Larissa and Alder: The Choice of a Lesser of Two Evils

The four heroes rode out through the Heartlands, and met with Larissa, the former professor of the University of Magi, rumored to be a witch. They learned that mercenaries sent here were slain, and she had created a small enclave, a camp – where she was training boys and girls the art of magic.

Labeled a witch by Unghausen, the heroes learned Lord Alder, had Thorn Unger’s mother, and he family slain, and after finding out the University was destroyed, and the order of magic in the realm thrown upside down, wanted to create a new University, that he would control and direct with the help of the Salamanders.

The heroes had a big choice to make. Larissa, in order to bring back Skysong, the Silver Dragon, had to realize eight souls of cultists would be destroyed so he could be released into the mortal realm, and unbound from the abyss and void.

Each hero had their futures read, mysteriously by Larissa, and decided it would be best to help Thorn throw a coup – with assassinating Alder, and installing Thorn as the new Lord of Unghausen. When Thorn would overtake holding of the fiefdom, he would set out to hold a tribunal, for the actions of his father, and ask for aid from Reikland to build a new University of Magi, which would undoubtedly, take years to build.

The heroes then set forth, with Thorn, and Hugo to sculpt a path that resurrect the university among the magi, wizards, and sorcerers left without any support, and bring a new sense of order to the realm.


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