A Harrowing Saga

The Aegis, and The New Age of Strife

A year and a half has passed, and the wardens and the heroes have vanquished the undead threat that plagued Aedirn for over a century.

Prince Tiberius was recognized as the true ruler of Aedirn, and regained his people’s faith when he announced that Aedirn would ally itself with the Wardens.

A small group of peace keepers, traveling through the city states in secret, the Wardens no longer had to hide, as they cleared out an old fortress at the base of the Wyvern’s Crown Mountains.

The Aegis Fortress has become formidable, but the Wardens now must regroup, and create a new identity that they must embrace. Known as the “Aegis” in the elder tongue, they are now protectors of the realm, however still unrecognized as more than just Salunite mercenaries, or militarized zealots.

The Primarch Silas has plans for the Wardens, who now with a fortress, must begin to break the city-states in the realm to form an allied nation against Yokuda, which has promised war against Saren.

After Helmgard being destroyed by Skysong, the great dragon haunts Reikland, Redania and Aedirn, while his cult grows.

Sekolah awaits the heroes to go to Quelos’nira, an ancient acquatic sea elf city, to begin worshipping her again.

King Vilmos Cinnard, has renamed Erusmea, his father’s old capital in his name to St. Cinnard, proclaiming his father of sainthood, after it is now known that he plotted a coup to overthrow his father’s rule – where now the tension between Reikland and Cintra have risen, as Vilmos sees much of Reikland territory open for taking.

Maribor is recovering from the death of their Emperor, now with the Empress Siggot in power, the country is in shambles, being run by Aren’s three children, who still seek the Taint, the spear that killed Salun.

Redania, having stayed neutral throughout the issues of other city states, is one of few that now is looking to have an alliance be made, though reaching it will be hard, as the elder races have segregated themselves from older cities, and Redania still lacks a true ruler.

The Sons of Aren, the unrecognized bastard children spawned from orgies that Aren had, still plague the countryside, and are a threat to all city states. Their location is still unknown, though reports have claimed they have a hidden fortress somewhere at the Belt of Aren.

King Vilmos is known to be working with the Children of Aren to have the ritual to summon Salaren occur, but when, it is unknown, only when the Taint can be claimed, will the ritual be able to take place, and allow Salaren to take physical shape.


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