A Harrowing Saga


Karn the Eternal led his army from St. Sulpice to the beaches of the cursed city of Tho-Siggot.

Edarn, Nash and Drak acted as storm troopers in the battle, and followed their commander Toreg Karak, a black orc into the city, where Karn’s knights faced off against demons and Aren’s personal army – the Golden Hands.

After regrouping with the other commanders, the party broke into the Great Hall of Tho-Siggot with the other storm troopers, where they assaulted Aren and his royal guard.

In the Great Hall, they found Aren and his royal guard, and high inquisitors made up of sorcerers and other magic users.

The storm troopers volleyed arrows and bolts at the spell casters above, while the sergeants and commanders of Karn’s army jumped into the fray against Aren and his personal guard.

Karn and Toreg fought Aren head on, while dealing with the constant pressure of the spellcasters above weakening the stormtroopers and sergeants in the midst of battle.

The stormtroopers were attacked by horned devils, that butchered the unprepared soldiers, and pushed into the great hall.

The sorcerers destroyed the staircase leading up to the second floor, killing the remaining commanders, and trapping the party, and the other fighters in the Great Hall.

Toreg was mortally wounded by horned devils, where Drak poisoned him to gain immortality, a gift promised to him by Aren.

Edarn, and the remaining sergeants were turned to stone with power word petrification spells cast by the sorcerers above. Aren had Drak behead Karn, after Karn promised that even after his death, men would fight in his name for years to come.

Drak was tricked, and turned into a lich, where he now serves Aren as a watchdog and hound.

Sorcerer’s in Aren’s army turned the rest of Karn’s army, and demons that were in the midst of battle into the city into stone. The city is truly cursed, with men and demons frozen in combat, forever in stone.


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