A Harrowing Saga

Lothering and the Dragon

On leaving the Citadel, the adventurers learned from their companion Gavin, that he received a letter from the University of Magi, that his Grandmaster had made a deal with the demon they previously encountered – Archien.

They headed to Lothering, the farming village on the highway, where they spotted a blue dragon flying from the Iron Knolls.

Heading into Lothering to rest, they learned that the dragon Kyracolides, had been terrorizing Lothering, and forcing them to give him sacrifices, and was stealing their cattle.

When they were escorted to the Rooster’s Perch in the village, they walked into a village meeting, where the Mayor Yordel and Captain of the Village Guard – Gustav were arguing about sending a letter to Pagua for aid.

The adventurers accepted to help rid Lothering of Kyracolides.

Upon being led to the entrance of the crypt where Kyracolides kept his lair, Gustav explained to them that the village lied, and the crypt that the wizard Elizar had been forced into was in fact a crypt that was made for him, as the wizard had been forced into it by the village centuries ago after the death of Karn.

Ariakas beheaded Gustav for being a coward, and not facing the dragon himself. The adventurers fell into conflict with Ariakas for killing Gustav for poor reason, but even with their conflict of interest, they headed down the tunnel of the crypt into the lair of the dragon and the vampire-wizard Elizar…


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