A Harrowing Saga

Kurjan and the Shroud of Salun

The adventurers helped free the wolf, Finnaire, after defeating a dwarven ancestor spirit.

They learned that many of the orcs in the fort hadn’t been seen for nearly a week, along with Kurjan himself.

On their way to the chapel, the adventurers had accidentally alerted guards in one of the keep’s towers, and fought their way to the chapel, where they found Kurjan himself.

Along with Kurjan, the chapel of Salun had been desecrated, and zombified, and skeletal orc guards attacked the adventurers. After slaying Kurjan, Sir Stephen and his companions went to the crypt below to seek out the shroud of Salun.

In the crypt they found that Kurjan had summoned a stitched devil, Archien, and trapped it to weave fate, and tell him of the future, and help him become a lich.

The devil offered to help the adventurers, and offer them their true fates, not once, but twice.

Orden destroyed Kurjan’s phylactery, and Gavin offered to help the trapped creature.

Wiping away part of the glyph, Gavin’s arm became wrinkled, and marbled crimson in color, and his pupils of his eyes became golden.

“I am now freed. In your realm. I have promised your fates. Kurjan’s treasure is hidden underneath my glyph in a holowed stone block. You shall all die, in the name of Salun, to give birth to a new world. Soon, your true fates will be decided when the world plunges into war. Then you shall take your places politically and decide the outcome of all the realm. Farewell men of Salun. Your friend Gavin has now been tainted by the Abyss.”

Archien laughed, and after speaking he vanished, and Gavin was left tainted.

The adventurers heard the sound of heavy footsteps, and struggling upstairs, where they found Old Reginald in the grips of two Cintran knights, where Prince Vilmos of Cintra declared that they give him the shroud of Salun, and that they should watch Reginald be punished as a traitor to Cintra.

Sir Stephen, a knight of Cintra refused Vilmos, and denied him the hanging of Reginald.

Vilmos and Sir Stephen are now locked in a duel that may decide both Stephen’s, and the adventurers’ fates.


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